Friday, July 31, 2009

Michelle Bodensteiner's Creativity

Here are a couple of great dolls made by Michelle Bodensteiner using B Line Design Stamps in such a creative way. Michelle has a great eye for form, scale, and structure. Color pencils in her hands sing with a creaminess flow.
One of the things I love about allot of Michelle's art is the quirkiness or touch of fun mixed with class. Every detail is thought about and executed.

Hope these sample inspire you as they have me.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Color Penciling darker stamped areas

A dear friend of mine Michelle Bodensteiner taught me how to color dark areas of a stamp. Like most of you I assumed you would loose detail if you tried to color over a dark area. With color pencils (Berol Prisma Color is the brand I use the most) you can change an image greatly. Just find the right darker color to enhance the black. Works great on eyes, hair, flowers, and in this case a skirt.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Travel is on our minds

Summer, Travel, Cruises, Boating.......

Drop a note to friends who wish they could travel.  Let them know your thinking of them and times spent together.

Stamp music repeadly on cream cardstock, stamp Thomas and Bundle of Memories on white cardstock.  Shade the cream card stock with ink and a sponge.  Color the letters
(which has the name of many of my friends in the return) with color pencils.  Cut Thomas and envelopes out and adhere to the background.   Finish with Memories.

Bird Song

Summer is here cards are so nice to have with you when you are traveling.  Pre-address and stamp the envel0pes so you can just send an update without hassel.  

This card is so quick and easy.  Find a background paper in a lighter color and stamp with white ink.  Stamping in black, stamp Gazebo Bird Cage (then make a mask), stamp Family Tree, Bird Silhouette, and Bird Song.