Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wishing You

Mia is out to enjoy spring and visit her neighbor Mr. Bird. I love playing with the stamps and seeing what combinations and techniques work well together. I think the stitching is a nice added tough.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rosemary Marino

Rosemary from South Carolina has sent some wonderful samples that I wanted to share with you. The top sample uses Tick, Tick, Tick stamped on card stock and spritzed for texture. Next she stamped on several colors of card stock that she cut out clock faces and layered so beautifully. The middle sample uses Wee Travelers, Manor Fence and snaps used in such a clever way with the punched flowers. The bottom sample incorporates Time Passages and Tick, Tick, Tick in subtle colors set off with a silver colored charm. Great Job Rosemary. Thank you!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Jewery and buttons

Jewelry can be added to your vignette or can be used as the base for your whole piece (pocket watch). What is junk to one person (yes my family has been instructed to call my friends when I pass because they think most of my findings are junk) is treasure to another. The pocket watch faces are cracked and brought the price down. I think it will just add charcter to the finished piece of art.
Vintage ladies wrist watches remind me of my mother and are making a home on a beautiful hand in my bedroom.

Flee market finds

Do you get an itch every so often to rummage through the tables at the local flee market or antique mall. Yesterday was just such a day for me and here are my finds and some ideas. The first purchase was tea cups and saucers. I am going to add some raffia in the bottom of the cup, a nice tea bag, then a couple of stamps, wrap in clear paper, and add a tag. Then send to a dear friend or a customer needing a door prize. They were $2 a set and very beautiful.