Monday, February 27, 2012

Butterfly Collection

Butterfly Collection

Memories of London museums and wonderful antique book shops inspired this sample.

Butterfly Collection is the focus for this wonderful collage.

In the background are touches of Eiffel Gardens (PR306G) in grey as well as Charming Gardener (FF216E).

Added touches of background color were done with a soft sponge and stamp pads.

Stamped lightly is Gorgeous Fabric (TM305G).

Butterfly Collection (FF631G) is stamp on a transparence with permanent ink and colored from the backside with inks. If you did not want to use a transparence you could stamp over all the background details and color with markers or color pencils.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Charming Gardener and Daisies

Need to brighten some ones day?
This should do it! Using bright colors of ink, Faber Castell Gelato in white and color pencils you can brighten your art.
B Line Design stamps help to create a smile. Charming Gardeners FF216E,
Daisy FF627E, Gorgeous Fabric TM305G, Artsy Leaf cube FF259E

Stamp Daisy in black on white card stock, cover with a mask and continue stamping 3 more, Color with pens, color pencils, and Gelato white highlights. Replace mask and stamp Artsy Leaf and color. Using mask again stamp Gorgeous Fabric in similar ink color as flowers. Stamp Charming Gardener in open space and around edges that have been contrasted using a paper towel torn as a mask to protect artwork. Enjoy!