Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bird Nest

Beautifully colored with color pencils and embellished perfectly. I love this sample
by Michelle Bodensteiner (Michelle is one of our sample designers and she makes the images jump off the page.) her use of color and balance is so pleasing to the eye. You can see more of her art on our web site

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Time for Christmas

Some of my Christmas cards are religious in nature, others have snowmen or santa, and yet others are like this card and have a
general Christmas theme. It allows me to send cards that fit my
friends and family best. Besides who wants to sit and make 30 of the same card.......

New Christmas Images

In the new supplement "A Pick Me Up" is a page of Christmas images that I have been having fun working up samples. I love that they work so well with the existing Christmas stamps we already have. The Grandfather Clock with the
mice are my favorite stamps today. I love Christmas, all that it stands for, and how people think of others.
May you have Happy Holidays in your future.

Back from Connecticut

I have just returned from Connecticut where I had the privilege to babysit my 2 year old granddaughter Charlotte. Mom and Dad went away for 4 days to a wedding. We had the best time getting to know each other better and doing everything a two year old loves.