Sunday, June 2, 2019


JUNK JOURNALING with B line Design stamps and kits by Linda Isreal and Norella of Calico Collage. Check out Linda Isreal YouTube for wonderful creative junk journaling and stamping. Thank you LINDA and NORELLA for beautiful colorful kids.

Here are some photos of B Line Design stamps and Junk Journals.Thank you for visiting B Line Designs.  Beverly

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Kelly’s Collection Purse Book

Simply gorgeous!
Kelly and I were both privileged to receive this design and pattern from Michelle Bodensteiner. It is such a fun class to teach that is loaded with one vignette after another. A perfect match for B Line Design stamps. B Line Designs web site and catalog. I hope you love Kelly’s art as much as we do. 

Kelly,s Blachowiak’s Collection

Kelly Blachowiak has been stamping for 22 years.  Besides cards and scrapbooking, she also loved mixed media and taught classes at various stamp and scrapbook stores. “Sadly, Kelly has been suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s and can no longer enjoy crafting. Her wonderful husband decided to honor Kelly by enlisting the help of two of Kelly’s dearest friends to help distribute her craft materials to friends of hers as well as others who would appreciate them and help spread her love of crafting.

Here is one of the art books of Kelly’s.
This is an altered child’s hard back book. The hard surface was gessoed to become a black slate.
Kelly then chose B Line Designs rubber stamps, scrapbook paper, fabrics and embellishments to make this beautiful fashion book.  Kelly’s since of design and color created this gorgeous book.

B lines next post will be another sample of the art many of Kelly’s family and friends enjoy.

B Line Designs rubber stamps

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Junk journaling with Linda Isreal using B Line Designs Stamps

Here is the like to today’s tutorial with Linda Isreal. Thank you LINDA for featuring B Line Designs stamps. Linda has a channel that is worth subscribing. Linda is a long time stamper, crafte, Junk Journaler and Designer.

Here is the link.
This is the B Line Designs stamp  DAMASK COLLAGE   CTD015G.
Send me an email if you have anyquestions.
 You can order from.  Linda
Remember to give LINDA ISREAL a thumbs while your there. 

Friday, April 12, 2019

The many looks of “Collaged Butterfly”


Keep it simple or layer on the color.

Collaged Butterfly is an awesome stamp that is versatile. Stamp onto a gradient blue background or highlight the Butterfly with color pencil.