Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Creative Carte Blanche Blog

Creative Carte Blanche is a wonderful group of talented artist (Yvonne Blair, Susan Mostek, Linda Ledbetter, Hels Sheridan, Cheryl Grigsby and Candy Colwell) that challenge each other and inspire so many with a new theme periodically.  This time it was "Baby It's Cold Outside".  I was privileged with being asked to be the guest artist.  It was great fun working with B Line Design stamps and the theme challenge.   Take a few moments and stroll over to Creative Carte Blanche Blog and check out all the inspiring art.  Thank you Susan Mostek for nominating me for this privilege.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Baby, It's Cold Outside:

We are in the middle of an ice storm here in Oklahoma and Baby it's Cold Outside!  It is beautiful to see the glisten of ice on the trees and shrubs but happy we did not need our generator at this point.  So while cozy inside by the fire lets get our creative juices flowing.  I wanted to capture winter within the cloche by B Line Designs.

1.  On white card stock stamp B Line Design stamps: Cloche HC219F. Home Sweet Home HC119F and Betty BA413D using Rangers Archival Black ink.  On a sheet of transparency film stamp a Cloche but do not stamp the bottom curve lines (see photo below).  Heat set very carefully from a distance while moving your heat tool or the plastic will warp.

2.  Color with Prisma color pencils and a blending pencil to soften.  On the inside of the Cloche Powder Blue and Blue Slate were used to give the air a cool crisp feeling.  Betty was brought to life with Light Peach as a base coat and Peach to accent her cheeks and shade under her Brim.  Her hat and sweater pop with the color Parma Violet and the tips of her wrap are touched with Chartreuse.  Light Umber in her hair.  Moving on to Home Sweet Home, Cream is the base color on the side of the house facing the right (facing the sun).  The foundation is left white.  Yellow Ochre is applied to the shadow and lower contrast areas.  Pale Vermillion works wonders as a pop and Golden Rod brings out the brickwork.  The trees are Green and Lime Peel.  Finish of your winter grounds with Light Umber and Golden Rod.   

3.  Paper sizes: White card stock             4" X 51/2" (with Cloche stamped on it )
                         Lilac  card stock             4 1/4" X 5 3/4"
                         Moss Green card stock  4 1/2" X 6"
                         Eggplant card stock       5 1/2" X 6 1/4" 
                         Eggplant card stock       11"     X 6 1/4" (fold in half to make card fold)
4.  Write or type using your computer the sentiment Baby it's Cold Outside and then trim closely.
5.  Cut Betty and Home Sweet Home using pictures as your guide.  
6.  Extra Fine Glitter is applied using a toothpick and clear drying glue.  
     Betty has glitter on the black band and brim of her hat and on he wrap.
     Baby it's Cold Outside has glitter all around the edges.
     Home Sweet Home has glitter on the roof ridge, eves, trees, and grounds
     Cloche has glitter dotted in the blue background and around the upper edges.
     Let it Snow!!!

7.  To assemble Cloche start off laying Betty in the upper left corner and Home Sweet Home in the lower position.  Once you are happy with placement place Score-Tape on the back of Betty and adhere her in place.  Then place foam tape or pop dots to the upper portion of the house and trees and Score-Tape to the lower edge of Home Sweet Home and adhere.  Adhere sentiment with Score-Tape.

8.  Check glitter to see if you want to add any more before you place on transparency.  
9.  Cut transparency Cloche out around the outer edges.
10.Adhere transparency under the dark base with Score-Tape and around the edges with a clear drying glue.  you can glue all the edges or just in a few spots.
11. Using Score-Tape adhere your layers of card stock together.  White to Lilac, Lilac to Moss Green, Moss Green to Eggplant.  When adhere Eggplant make sure to adhere to the left end leaving room for snowflake charms.  
12.  Lay charms on card for placement.  Use a pencil to mark a dot and your needle to pierce paper.  Thread needle with double dark thread.  Start from back of card and come to front up through charm and back down through the hole.  Cut threads 1" and tape down to hold charm.  Repeat for all 4 charms.  
13.  Fold Eggplant card stock 6 1/4" X 11" in half (6 1/4" X 5 1/2").  Using Score-Tape adhere to back to cover thread and tape. Add sentiments inside card.  

Here I am placing the transparency cloche layer into position and one that is complete one on the right.

I hope you have some fun with the Cloche and all the ideas it can spark.  
Garden scenes, Fairies, Christmas, Nautical, Travels...
B Line Design stamps:
Cloche HC219F               Vintage Whimsy   Catalog p.12
Betty                                 La Femme Mystic              p.16
Home Sweet Home          Happy Holidays                 p.1

Supplies and Tools:
Ranger Archival Ink Black
Stazon stamp cleaner
Extra Fine Glitter
Clear drying glue
dark thread
Snowflake Charms (the Paper Studio)
alternate ideas: die-cuts or stamps and embossing powder
foam tape or pop-dots
Transparency sheet
color pencils and blending pencil
white eraser (great for erasing and blending color)
Detail scissors
paper trimmer